Thrifting Finds: Furniture

I’ve recently been searching for an over-sized chair to add to our living room. My only brand new living room piece is our couch, and I purchased it at a 75% off sale. So, my price range means it takes me awhile to find what I like. I frequently pop into a Goodwill thrift store near our house to see if they have anything I’m looking for, and I finally found my over-sized chair plus a rocking glider to use when baby arrives. The total price for the two chairs: $50.

Used furniture can be just as good as new pieces, or even better when you have kids who don’t realize furniture isn’t for jumping or rubbing chocolate on. We live on a tight budget (mostly one income) so every time I walk by a piece of furniture in our home that I bought at a good price, I’m filled with a feeling completely opposite of guilt…it’s resourceful, frugal, and freeing knowing we didn’t add to debt with items we could technically live without. I do have high standards on cleanliness, though, so I have a small routine I follow when buying used furniture. I always smell any pieces while I’m at the thrift store to make sure they don’t smell like smoke, pets, or mold. Once home, I normally use a mixture of dawn dish soap and hot water to scrub fabric furniture. If there are any removable cushion covers, I remove them and wash them in the washing machine and hang them out to dry. Then, I use a Clorox bleach all purpose spray on any hard surfaces. Once the furniture is dry and put back together, I spray the entire piece with a thieves essential oil spray. This process takes one afternoon and makes me more comfortable snuggling into a chair without worrying about who was sitting on it before it made its way to our house. What about you: what are some of the best deals you have found at thrift stores?

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