Drinking red raspberry leaf tea is another one of the remedies recommended by my midwife during my third pregnancy, and I was hooked from the first cup. Red Raspberry leaf tea is rich in nutrients and antioxidants and is used to strengthen the uterus which can help shorten labor and aid in a healthy delivery and recovery postpartum. It’s recommended you don’t drink it until week 32+, where up to 3 cups can be drunk per day throughout the last few weeks up to delivery; it’s something I look forward to each pregnancy! One cup a day is *allowed during the second trimester (*always check with your doctor or midwife before trying any natural or herbal remedies as their potency can be surprisingly strong. Red raspberry leaf tea may help induce labor, so you don’t want to drink it too soon.) I like to hope that it was partly the reason my third and fourth births were extremely quick and easy, and I’m looking forward to drinking it in just a few weeks! It tastes good hot or iced, with lemon or without. Occasionally I will drink it hot, but my favorite way to drink it is on ice. I always buy my loose leaf tea at our local health food store where I get to scoop and measure it myself. Here’s the “recipe”, as simple as can be!

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Recipe

1 Tablespoon loose leaf red raspberry leaf tea + 1 cup boiling water

steep 15 minutes

drink warm or pour the 1 cup of warm tea over ice and add enough water to fill a large glass

During the last few weeks of pregnancy I like to double or triple this recipe (2-3 Tbs. tea + 1 cup boiling water) and after steeping, pour the warm tea over ice in a water bottle and fill with cold water to the top, leaving the tea ball in the water bottle. Let me know if you use red raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy and how you like it: hot or cold?

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