I’m happy to say we are expecting baby #5! We’ve talked about it off and on over the past two years because I’ve always dreamed of having a large family. We’ve always known we would love having more kids, so we are beyond excited and grateful for this new addition in early 2020!

I am still early in my pregnancy, just coming to the end of my first trimester. It’s hard to know when is the best time to share this news, but it’s hard to hide when morning sickness kind of controls everything we do and eat. For one, all I want to eat is meat. Specifically I have been craving hamburgers and steak or any form of red meat, and I really feel better on the days that I eat meat. It feels so backwards to what we were eating just a few months ago! Right now amidst morning sickness and an almost daily need for a hamburger, I just laugh at how things change; we really have to be able to roll with the changes of life and be stable and grounded in matters of the soul and not let ourselves be defined by a lifestyle or a diet or any particular area of life that is likely to change.

We’re slowly adjusting to what it will be like with another kid in the house. I think the automatic slowing down that the first trimester forces on me has helped us readjust some of our schedule and cut back on a lot of things so that we won’t feel overwhelmed in the next few months. Overall, I’m just feeling exhausted and foggy, and I’m looking forward to the second trimester to hit in a couple weeks with more motivation than I know what to do with! Since this is my fifth pregnancy, and I tend to suffer from pretty bad morning sickness, I’m planning on writing out some of the tips I’ve discovered over the years. Putting them all together, I have been able to go an entire first trimester with minimal throwing up, which is HUGE for me. With every pregnancy I wonder if it will be my last, so I’m trying to enjoy every moment of this one, and I’m looking forward to sharing more as I go through this pregnancy over the next few months!

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