Dumbbell Circuit Workout

Here is another basic circuit workout! Once again, if you’re interested in reading about why strength training is important, you can read about it here.  Dumbbells are an easy way to get a good workout at home: they make it easy to measure progress and you can even find them second-hand at most thrift stores. This circuit workout is one of my favorite ones to do; it’s simple and easy to follow, and doesn’t take much thought besides counting your reps as you go.

One difficult thing about using dumbbells is figuring out what weight to use. Too light and you may never see results; too heavy and you will be left with sore muscles, or worse, a pulled muscle. The ideal weight would make you work at 60-80% of your maximum lifting ability. However, how do you find this percentage without going to the gym and hiring a personal trainer? The easiest way to find your ideal dumbbell starting weight is to test yourself. Begin with the smallest weights you have (2-5 pounds) and do 10 repetitions of an overhead press (weights above shoulders and press overhead.) If you feel like you could easily do 10 more repetitions, try a slightly heavier weight. At 10 reps you should be fatigued but not exhausted/able to do a few more, but only if you really challenged yourself.  For a beginner this weight will probably be between 2-10 pounds for women and 15-30 pounds for men. Find what’s comfortable for you: a challenge that doesn’t leave you sore.

Dumbbells are my go to exercise equipment because I can use them at home and they build enough muscle to get strong without bulking up or spending time and money at the gym. Good luck, and remember if you have any questions, let me know!

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