Barbecue Tofu

I made tofu for the first time today. I decided barbecue tofu was a safe place to begin since I love barbecue anything. For years I’ve been scared to attempt cooking tofu. However, I wanted to try something new for protein after eating an on-again off-again vegetarian diet for about 7 years and never once making tofu.  I’ve eaten tofu prepared by restaurants that has left me more than unsatisfied, and I have assumed if they can’t cook to my liking, why would I ever be able to do any better? I found a few recipes I want to try eventually, but I finally settled on this recipe from entitled Baked Barbecue Tofu (Tofu for Tofu Haters).  This seemed like a good place to start.

To begin, I research research RESEARCH everything to the extreme, and cooking tofu was no exception. I learned from a vegan cookbook from the library that firm tofu cooks best, and all tofu has to be pressed to remove the excess water from it so the blandness of the tofu can be replaced with whatever flavored sauce you choose to cook it in. As the tofu pressed for dinner, I sipped my afternoon tea. I followed the tofu prep directions from the cookbook and the recipe closely, and the flavor turned out delicious. For dinner tonight I paired it with roasted potatoes and a simple oven-roasted asparagus recipe (one of our favorite’s) from the pioneer woman.  I’m still unsure of the texture; I think that’s the number one reason I’ve been disappointed with tofu in the past. However, as far as a meat replacement, it worked. I’ll be trying this recipe again but not before I try crumbling tofu in vegetarian tacos. I’m hoping crumbling it will hide the texture….

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