After a few months away, I finally decided to try to revive Slow Wellness.  I was out of the country when I got notified that my domain name would be expiring, but there was nothing I could do until I got back.  Once I got back, I realized there were a lot of complications tied to my domain expiring and a malfunctioning plugin I had installed, and it was not a simple pay a little money fix.  I decided to just let it go, and consider it a loss.  However, I missed it!  I like my little blog, and it helps me stay focused and motivated toward healthy living!  It took some long phone conversations with my domain host, but they were finally able to get it working again!  And lucky me, nobody bought my domain name during my 5 months away.

I’m looking forward to posting more this year and would love to hear if you have anything you’d like me to write about!  For awhile I was really uncomfortable writing about food and diet because it can be a sensitive topic, but I realize that’s not something I can avoid.  It’s a huge part of how Slow Wellness even came about, so I’m planning on talking more about food.  Specifically eating a plant-based diet, teaching kids to think that healthy food is normal food, and eating healthy while traveling.

This week feels like our first week of spring, even though it doesn’t officially begin until next week.  It just feels like a good time to start fresh.  Waking up from winter and working on readjusting priorities.  I’m excited to check in here more often, even if only to keep myself motivated!  Thanks for reading along!

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